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Fire Restoration Rhode Island

Fires rip through your home, destroying rooms and billowing smoke across the entire structure. In many cases, the damage is still repairable. DAI Restore offers fire restoration in Rhode Island to bring back your property value and make your dwelling livable again.

When can fire damage be repaired?

While fire weakens structures and can lead to ownership of a condemned property, most fires are small and impact a small section of your home. Even in the case of a major event, the exterior is not always lost.

Our professionals can remove burn marks, managing repairs, removing soot, and reclaiming critical systems such as your HVAC. When fire does not impact the core of your home, you can often return the property to a nearly perfect state.

How does smoke impact my home?

Smoke damage is one of the most difficult impacts of fire to remove. Gases carry soot and carbon into the sinews of your furniture, carpets, and walls. Oder decontamination remains even when affected parts of your home are repaired.

Small particles are the cause of these problems. Repeated washing or cleaning cannot always remove the effects.

What is the cost of repairing fire damage?

Fire damage is more extensive than many other forms of natural disasters such as flooding. Fires significantly reduce structural integrity. However, repairing a home is less expensive than rebuilding.

The average cost of fire restoration is $12600. Some projects run as little as $3200 and some more than $27000 depending on the factors involved. Damage tends to be more extensive, with more components approaching an irreparable condition in a fire due to the nature of soot, heat, and combustion.

How many services are involved in repairing fire damage?

Most parts of your home are flammable or susceptible to complete failure in the event of a fire. The metal in your HVAC system can warp, wood materials make up nearly 90 percent of the average dwelling, and glass can crack or explode.

Experts in each area of home repair restore your property. A project manager keeps costs low. We seek to perform as much work as possible with help in managing outside repairs.

How can I minimize the cost of fire restoration?

Minimizing the cost of restoration is possible with expert management and streamlining. Companies such as DAI Restore perform most work with connections to minimize expenses when we cannot.

Our project management experience and expertise in areas ranging from HVAC to controlled demolition limits the number of contractors involved in a project. The savings we accrue pass on to our customers.

Fire restoration in Rhode Island

DAI Restore offers full-service fire restoration in Rhode Island. Our experts manage projects from start to finish with an eye towards quality and savings.

Fire damage does not need to end your dreams of homeownership. Our team strives to restore your property to a near-original stat,e starting with a thorough inspection and cost analysis. Get in touch with us today for more information.


Fire Restoration Rhode Island
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