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Water Damage Restoration Rhode Island

Water damage is devastating to your home value. Related problems can be even more destructive. DAI Restore offers quality water damage restoration in Rhode Island to get your home into shape.

Does water damage impact my resell value?

Issues impacting the quality of your dwelling also diminish its value. Water damage seeps into the cracks and corners of your frame and foundation.

If left untreated, this damage poses a significant threat to your structure by wearing on the wooden beams and frame making up the vast majority of modern as well as older homes. The entire home is at risk if left for too long. This poses a major safety risk while also chipping away at resale value.

Do I need to disclose water damage to buyers?

The fitness of your home is an important part of any sale. There is a general understanding that the dwelling is capable of being lived in.

Failing to disclose or treat damage opens you to a legal headache. If the damage is significant, lawsuits may seek to force you to repair any problems. In this way, water does more than decrease your home value.

Should I be worried about mold?

When water works into your crawlspace, attic, and home, it presents a risk of mold. Dampness is the source of mold with leaks offering the perfect conditions in which spores thrive.

A mold infestation is dangerous to respiratory health and general wellness. If severe enough, it can also lead to the determination that a home is unviable to house anyone. The sooner the source is found, the easier it is to deal with the issue.

Where is water damage most likely to occur?

Water damage is the result of natural weather events or broken pipes, taps, and sinks. Flooding creates standing water, dampens walls, and generates the conditions leading to mold and structural damage.

Wear and tear break down water-bearing components. Pipes last between forty and seventy years with some serving their purpose much longer. PVC lasts indefinitely but is much weaker than copper and cast iron.

How much does repairing water damage cost?

Once pipes fail or nature calls, the typical repair costs as much as $4100. DAI specializes in water and mold damage restoration to reduce the risk of your home to your health while improving resale value.

Our IIRC professionals use state of the art services. We strive to return your home to its original state with a thorough inspection covering every possibly effected space.

Water damage restoration in Rhode Island

Restoring your home to its original state maintains value, improves your health, and is even a legal necessity when selling your home. The professionals at DAI Restore are qualified to repair even severely damaged structures.

Our experts comb over our home to decide how to restore peace of mind and value. Allowing water damage to remain brings about the risk of mold while exacerbating other issues. Get in touch with our team today to schedule an inspection.


Water Damage Restoration Rhode Island
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